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Asociación Nuevos Pasos - Bolivia

Nuevos Pasos Bolívia

      New Steps Bolivia is part of our expansion projects, and Joan Bel Carmen Herrera are responsible in this country. New Steps work in Bolivia began with the arrival of the Bel family in February 2009. The vision of work is very similar to that of Peru, with the nuances required for this country. Our goal is to reach children at risk, helping and training them through resilient programs to empower their lives, always in a context of fe.Trabajamos comprehensively taking into account the needs of children at risk. Our intervention materializes in the areas of education, health and nutrition training.


      We have created a popular dining helps the neediest children. In this room and in other New Steps programs, work based on resilience to adversity in which these children, strengths to help them conquer their dreams live. In eaters do medical campaigns, schools, parents, and school support.


      This is a project not yet started but that is part of our vision for Bolivia. We want to open during 2010 training school to train men and women who want to work with children at risk. The student profile is people between 20 and 50 years, who want to train as surrogate parents in children's homes, as Missionaries for children, or how leaders work with children.

       The course will last two months boarding and includes practices in Peru or Bolivia in programs working with children.


      We are planning to open a nursery school for children of extreme poverty next year if you want more information on this project, write to our mail. We are also forming a multidisciplinary team of brothers in the areas of management, project marketing and who want to work in New Steps Bolivia. These must be self-sustaining and have a minimum of two years available.